Frank J. Udvarhely

Empowerment and Growth Catalyst: Transformative Life Coach | Visionary Business Consultant | Inspirational Leadership Trainer

Welcome to a Journey of Transformation!

I am here to be your guide, empowering you to step into your full potential. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, professional success, or a harmonious balance between the two, I offer my expertise as a transformative life coach, visionary business consultant, and inspirational leadership trainer. Together, we will navigate the path towards your aspirations, unraveling limiting beliefs, crafting actionable plans, and igniting your journey towards a brighter, more purposeful future. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure together and unlock the boundless possibilities that await you.

A Legacy of Excellence:

Frank J. Udvarhely, a dynamic leader and CEO of Intelligent Choice Training LLC, an NLP-based consulting agency dedicated to optimizing personal and professional potential. With a diverse background spanning finance, community advocacy, and leadership development, Frank brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Before founding Intelligent Choice Training LLC, Frank served as the CEO of the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce, where he spearheaded initiatives to support local businesses and foster economic growth. Prior to that, he honed his financial expertise as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, guiding clients toward financial success.

He is also actively involved in various organizations, including the Placer Justice Foundation, FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, Sacramento State Alumni Association, and Stand Up Placer.

Frank’s areas of expertise lie in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mindset coaching, where he empowers individuals to make positive life decisions and optimize their time for maximum fulfillment. He is passionate about public policy and societal improvement through education, advocating for informed decision-making and social progress.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Frank finds joy in writing, reading, travel, and cooking, embodying his values of health, happiness, love, and prosperity. His guiding mantra, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right,” reflects his belief in the power of mindset and determination.

Frank is a visionary leader committed to empowering individuals and transforming society for the better.

Uniquely Guiding Your Journey:

Frank’s approach is grounded in authenticity, compassion, and a commitment to holistic growth. He believes in deep self-discovery as the cornerstone of transformation. By infusing actions with meticulous planning and respecting the value of time and talent, his program will guide you toward success. Frank’s philosophy centers on knowledge, truth, and understanding, ensuring that every step you take is purposeful and aligned with your aspirations. Not just a coach but a catalyst for change, helping you overcome challenges, dismantle limiting beliefs, and cultivate a mindset of resilience. With Frank, you’re not just embracing change – you’re embodying it, crafting a future that resonates with your dreams.

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