The Johari window states that we have 4 quadrants of awareness. Known to self and others, Unknown to self and others.

A blind spot is when we are ignorant [or arrogant] to realizing something that everyone else sees in us. Do we live congruently with our actions or is our unconscious mind controlling our body while our minds life in fantasy land?

Some of our basic needs of existence are: Safety, Belonging and Love. These needs are protected by our beliefs. Our brain controls the behaviors and interactions we have. This is expanded definition of our fight or flight mechanism in the hind brain, that is designed to protect our identity and purpose… our existence.

I ask you, are you where you want to be or do you feel stuck in a place that you say is temporary – how come it is so? Are you fighting others to prove your story (i.e. EGO) lying to yourself, or are you genuinely ignorant to positive change. Is positive change in your blind spot?

Facts don’t lie. Statistics show trends. If your numbers aren’t great, what needs to change? If your weight and body image isn’t pretty, what habits are causing those results? If your bank account isn’t able to give you luxuries or securities, what is anchoring you to this limitation of your value?

These limiting beliefs could be unconscious bias. A subconscious objection to getting what you really want because your beliefs tell you that walking away from your comfort zone is scary and could harm you. Your unconscious mind acts much, much more quickly than your conscious thoughts can fathom. When you trust your unconscious mind, your behaviors will change. They will act out what you genuinely value. Where you feel you truly belong.

These limiting beliefs are hard to swallow at times, especially when your virtues are challenged. Authorities, religious and spiritual guidance and general right and wrong are defined for you and society but not at the same time. This underlying habit you have to do better could be hiding behind fear and other stuck behaviors. Aligning what is good for the goose and good for the gander will make you a positive member of society, productive member of a family and successfully balance the key aspects life.

If you find yourself in another quadrant such as – known to you but unknown to others, holding yourself to higher standards than those around you, why are you letting yourself be limited? What is unknown to others is often detrimental to their basic needs, and yours are no less important.

Moving boldly in the direction of your passion will unconsciously tell your conscious mind that your voice, your beliefs and behaviors are valued. Begging yourself for forgiveness towards the end of your life, or transferring that burden to others is unfair. Be honest today and you will see positive changes. You will experience happiness and unconsciously begin to make healthier choices.

Take a moment and see what you need to know. Ask yourself a list of questions (e.g. how do people see me vs how I see myself) to fill in the boxes above and get a better sense of what track you are on. If the destination isn’t where you imagine yourself to be, change it. Call a friend a parent, coach like me or mentor and learn about what you can do to see into your blind spots.