I found the key to live a happy life.

But what is a key? A piece of metal that is cut to match a pattern of pins that when properly aligned can allow the key to twist open a lock. The lock on a door of why… what is this all for… How come we are here…?

The Anatomy of a Lock and Key. We have the Barrel of the lock itself – Life. If we align our beliefs (the grooves of the key) with our behaviors (turning of the key) we can open the lock. From there the door of purpose, identity, existence is opened. For some, we know what is on the other side of the door. For others the lights not on, the hallway is dark and that unknown is still open for definition. The Future isn’t written so make it a good one!
Breaking apart the mechanics of a lock: The Key is you, your experiences, your pains and joys, learnings and mistakes.

The key has those V cut peaks and valleys in it: Your Values. What you say are your morals. Our needs and wants to make life worth living. The rules we live our life by. The way we want the world to see us and what is stopping us from what we truly want to do in the world.

The head of the key, your head of thoughts on your shoulders is sized perfectly for you to get a grip and turn the lock. There is a groove down the blade of a key. This groove what you were born into. The Lock has a matching groove so no one else’s key will fit into it. Just yours.

How you turn the key is up to you. Carefully and methodically, forceful and without caution… Are you trying to pick the lock and say hell with making a key?
Keys can be copied, they can be lost and stolen. Childhood trauma and an abusive spouse, negligent parents and a pig of a boss can all shape the cuts in the key of who you become, by how you react to those situations. Still this is your key and your lock.
Some say there is a plan for us. In this metaphor the Lock then was designed by god and the universe long before you were born and now it is your destiny to fit your key into it.
The universe also decides the how the tumbler works. The springs pushing back on the driver pins inside the lock, thus preventing it from turning easily or at all. These environmental forces are where you build your beliefs and behaviors. The key pins in the barrel that fit into your notches and ridges need to align perfectly with the driver pins that are fixed in the barrel, the life you want to live.

These notches and Ridges are what I believe to be the five areas of life. When the key is cut, according to the key pin pattern, they will align perfectly with the driver pins in the barrel allowing you to turn the key and open the door.

What the escutcheon looks like, how long the barrel is, thickness of the door and even length of the bolt is irrelevant. These are the limiting decisions and negative, disassociated effects of what you were born into. How your world looks, what dis-ease and trauma you were born with, or gold-plated lockset you are fortunate to have is all a distraction, yet learning for how you notch your key.

We live in a society today that keys have serial numbers. Locks have patterns and sequences that are beginning to replicate. Locks are being mass produced so keys must also start to become ubiquitous objects.

The cost of living, the lack of focus due to overabundance and ease of choice, the constant stimulus is all on this side of the door, so why even cut a key to open the lock to the unknown? When everything is already in front of you, there is no need for effort or change. Yet our natural urge to belong to something is still there. We put posters on the door to help us identify with our desired tribe. We lash out online so we can get likes and comments, helping us fit in to a safe environment of hatred, just as long as we are on the same side, we are fighting the same fight.

People who keep their personalities quiet, their actions constrained and live harmoniously are being dwarfed by the machine of chaos. The distraction of stuff, the disassociated feeling that we can’t change the environment of our minds so we must fix mother earth. The planet wasn’t built for us, we are part of it. We are just a blip on the radar of existence. Our only enemy is ourselves and that unknown, that darkness on the other side of the door that we are told is scary and hard, is free will.

Freedom to be who we are born to be. Everything has a purpose. The force of gravity, the suns rays, the air we breath was a by product of the exactness of our planet over billions of years. If we are to find the key to answering why are we here, what are we here to do, how can we affect change, grow and become aware of self – they are the questions we have stopped asking. Living is what we stopped doing.

So, in closing, I ask you if existing for the sake of consumption and momentary joy, predictable but not too uncomfortable is where you feel, for the next 50 years of so is enough for you then stop reading. IF you are the kind of person who still cares about what’s behind the locked door and want to know how we can cut the key more perfectly to fit in the tumbler and using the learnings we already have to twist the key so we can see the unknown destiny that is our life, I’d love to hear your story.