Transformative Coaching Experience

I help executives, entrepreneurs and people like you resolve stress and chaos with transformational coaching.

Without your health, getting up and going to work is near impossible. Without financial freedom, physical and mental stress can ruin your life. Without work/life balance, it takes longer and more energy to achieve your goals.

By utilizing the most innovative tools in the human performance business, you will learn and experience how to get in control of your thinking, your emotions and your behaviors to take you from good to excellent!

Executive & Entrepreneur Consulting

Utilizing innovative business development & sales training programs, which will assist your company to profit in a short period of time. Ineffective communication, lack of deep rapport and little understanding of the psychology of selling are the leading causes of low sales closing ratio and low win rates.

This training gets deep into the neuro-psychology of selling and into the mind of your customer. This allows you to truly master networking and marketing of your products & services in an ethical way.


Develop & align your company’s or department’s Vision, Mission & Values to ensure everyone has a clear vision, stays motivated and your company achieves all of it’s goals. When a company or department does not have clear or aligned Vision, Mission or Values, it will cause team members to move in different directions costing the company greatly. It’s important to get everyone moving in the same direction while working on projects and goals. They also need to be in alignment with the Vision, Mission & Values of the company or non-profit.

Leadership & Keynote Speaking

Looking for a powerful, motivating and inspiring speaker for your next live company event, non-profit retreat or webinar?

Does it benefit you that everyone on your team identifies with the culture of your organization?

When you have team alignment, the desired Mission, Vision and Values of your company become clear.

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