In the quantum world, particles behave differently when observed vs when the result is observed. Light – photons behave as a particle when observed, but when the result is observed it behaves as a wave.

So if you can imagine the vibrations that connect us carries information because information is coded in the atoms like caller id on the telephone, and photons being the one example of this phenomena, e.g. fiber optics or when a child is left alone and starts eating the fridge, only to realize somebody is in the other room. The behavior changes when we become conscious of the actions, event, emotion… if you let the energy flow it flows like a wave, when it is focused on it stops and becomes a particle. Or a collection of atoms thanks to the laws of physics (gravity and force) we can consciously sense using our senses these chemical secretions from our pituitary gland which create feelings that our body then uses to tell it self to fight, flee or hide from danger. These feelings create behaviors that helps develop a belief structure and ultimately our identity.

When we function on an automatic, thanks to our unconscious driver. When we become conscious of this, through meditation or moments of clarity that is when our best self is seen. When our brain waves like the motion in the ocean is rocking the boat side to side not bow to stern. As we harness this power within, and communicate with our body (senses), integrating it with out mind (experiences) and our awareness harnesses the flow of energy and rides that wave. The universe knows not what you desire, for your perceptions are subjective to you.

Life requires food, water, shelter. To survive tools i.e. our hands, protection mechanisms i.e. memories and emotions. If you are in the woods, and you come across a pond stocked full of fish, leading into it a crystal clear flowing natural spring, your excitement synthesizes with your senses and imbeds the view, smells, feel joy because food and water are safely found and going to fuel your body. You return back to your shelter a short walk away. Each day you wake up, walk to your fuel source and enjoy a meal with refreshing water, then walk home.

Life is easy. Your body’s needs are satisfied and you have created a path on the forest floor by walking the same line each day. Your body has grown accustom to seeing the trees and smelling the flowers, reminding itself that you are on the correct path towards nourishment. Then suddenly a lion. Fight or flight. If you get away safely you are rewarded with nourishment. If you are bitten your body develops a fear of that path to nourishment. You start to tell yourself that the fish are salty and the water is muddy. You talk yourself our of taking that same familiar path because of your fear of lions. You spend days walking around with no nourishment and that is safer of a feeling than being bitten by a lion. Your body outsmarts your mind. Then logically you tell yourself, I bet that lion’s gone so you return to your old path and sure enough a reward of nourishing fish and refreshing drink.

That chemical secretion of fear in your body has been overcome by your minds logic and need of nourishment, maybe even luck that the lion left. SO now you have rewarded your body for feeling fear. Your body already addicted to that fear because it was more powerful than the easy walk to food you unconsciously made an automatic pattern that now your fish and drink aren’t enough. You are missing that fear. You are missing that synesthesia between your senses (body) and fear (mind) so you become daring and branch out farther into the world. You see a mate…